The product development concept of
KYOWAKAKO is Aim at Coexistence of ecology and economy

The economy , Development of ecological industry and earth environmental protection are problems concerned closely as always . We’ve never stopped trying to fuse the environment care and the energy conservation by our technology and intelligence during a half century period. We’ve marketed environmentally friendly products of excellence and solutions to our customers . This kind of product development concept of Aim at Coexistence of ecology and economy be named as Eco - MOBIUS, and we will continuously market our valuable environmentally products.



Medium and small activated carbon device
Medium and small activated car...Through the effective combination of a variety of activated carbon , the device can effectively remove odor and some kind of certain organic matter. The concentration of substance to be treated could be low or high. Available for many kinds of the end users to...
Mini activated carbon device
Mini activated carbon device...The device has a built in type frequency conversion turbo fan, It can be achieved 5 levels of discharge regulation. The inner modular activated carbon container is really helpful for the carbon replace work. Greatly shorten the replace work time. Available f...
RFT-RB V belt transmission type turbo fan and RFT-OA direct-drive type turbo fan
RFT-RB V belt transmission typ...This kind of products are aiming to high efficiency and energy conservation. Especially the RFT-OA type can guarantee the trouble free operation for a long term as 3 years. The power depreciation and the vibration quantity of these products are very competiti...
Pump SVL TYPE / SPV TYPE / VO ...Suitable for the Pumping of Acid solution and discard solution Structure :horizontal / vertical / Self priming There are 11 types of selections of the VO series automatic operation products Material heat resistance : PVC(50℃)HT・PVC(70℃)...
Venturi device
Venturi device...The Venturi device suitable for the Silicon dust treatment ....
FSW series vertical type scrubber
FSW series vertical type scrub...Capacity range 30m³/min~1300m³/min. There are 18 types of selections to achieve effective gas treatment base on the exhaust discharge and concentration of gas. Available for many kinds of the end users to meet their usage requirements such as Electrical, che...
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